Nightly Ethereum blockchain snapshots

Tired of only connecting to 3 peers and downloading the blockchain at an exhausting pace? Grab a nightly snapshot of the Ethereum blockchain in one big download.

ethsnap has been disabled for the time being. The cost of running a go-etherum node is becoming a little too high and the sync functions of geth have improved. For now, anyway, I'm disabling this system. Sorry for the inconvinience.

Main Net

size: 21.29GB
sha1sum: 9e17bb1dc74e252f1e8d7f7deedbfa7bc7b2642d

Test Nets

ethmsg doesn't currently have snapshots for test networks but I hope to add at least Ropsten soon.



To use these snapshots, download the file to your node and extract the data to the ~/.ethereum/chaindata folder. The following command should work on a Linux machine:

tar -xzf /path/to/ethereum-chaindata-2019-07-21-020001.tar.gz -C ~/.ethereum/chaindata



You're welcome and encouraged to run a private mirror for your own network of nodes. All you need is an rsync cronjob. Add the following to your crontab:

0 0 * * *       rsync --archive --delete --compress rsync:// /path/to/archive/dir


I would love some public mirrors to help spread the load. Please follow the steps above and send me an E-mail with a URL and I can put you into the mirror rotation.